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Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity - Essay Example This paper therefore will discuss three different religions, which include Sikh, Buddhism, and Baha’i in relation to health care provision diversity. In addition, the paper will provide different philosophies that these three religions and faiths use in order to provide services to their members. Besides, the paper will discuss and compare these three faiths with the Christianity as a religion (Berkowitz & Schewe, 2011). Sikh faith and religion Sikh faith is a monotheistic religion that was founded in the earl 15th century in a place called Punjab in Indian countries by Guru Nanak. Currently, there are about ten Gurus in the world. According to this faith, there are some beliefs that its members and followers must follow, one of them being compulsorily putting on and wearing of veil by all women who are members of this faith. In addition, this religion does not allow its followers to cut their hairs. Taking drugs such as alcohol and smoking are prohibited according to the fait h and norms of the Sikh religion. Although the Punjab may take bhang for medication reasons, the followers of the religion are not allowed to take any intoxicant substances. Again, the religion does not allow its members to have too much materials wealth, while its members are usually expected to live like soldiers in that, they are not allowed to beg for anything from others. Besides, this religion does not allow sacrifices of animals during rituals. Given that rituals and superstitions are not allowed, Sikhs are banned from eating of meat that was slaughtered in a ritual-like manner. One of the rituals that are prohibited is the act of circumcision (Samanta, 2013). Furthermore, this religion forbids some of the various ill talks about others such as bragging, lying and even gossiping. Moreover, the religion prevents its members from involving in extramarital sexual activities unless under proper marriage procedures. The religion also requires its members to be honest and be genero us through acts such as sharing of properties. This religion is very practical and very creative. It believes that God is the creator of everything; hence, He is all-powerful and is omnipresent. The followers of this religion believe the understanding of god is beyond human knowledge. Therefore, from this religion, it is clear that they value helping others and sharing of materials with the less privileged as one of the most important teachings of the religion. In addition, since the religion believes that all human beings are equal before God despite one’s color, tribe, sex, or religion, it is clear that health providers who deal with members of this religion will not encounter many problems as long as they respect the importance of diversity in their profession. On the other hand, according to Sikh religion, the members are required only to pray for God’s help during cases of sickness, as well as for forgiveness. Playing audiotapes of their songs may be required, esp ecially to console the sick. Again, they also believe that sickness may be due to the will of God, and therefore, one must go and seek for health care to become better and to get treatment for the sickness. In providing health care services to members of Sikh religion, health care workers need to observe some of the following considerations. To begin with, the healthcare providers need to give

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