Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development free essay sample

Health’s purpose is to provide safe, sustainable, efficient, quality and responsive health services for all Queenslanders, and we have five core values that guide our behaviour: Caring for People: We will show due regard for the contribution and diversity of all staff and treat all patients and consumers, carers and their families with professionalism and respect. Leadership: We will exercise leadership in the delivery of health services and in the broader health system by communicating vision, aligning strategy with delivering outcomes, taking responsibility, supporting appropriate governance and demonstrating commitment and consideration for people. Partnership: Working collaboratively and respectfully with other service providers and partners is fundamental to our success. Accountability, efficiency and effectiveness: We will measure and communicate our performance to the community and governments. We will use this information to inform ways to improve our services and manage public resources effectively, efficiently and economically. Innovation: We value creativity. We are open to new ideas and different approaches and seek to continually improve our services through our contributions to, and support of, evidence, innovation and research. We will write a custom essay sample on Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Purpose The Nurse Unit Manager is a registered nurse who is an expert practitioner accountable for the coordination of clinical practice and the provision of human and material resources for the BreastScreen Queensland Mackay Service. Staffing and budget responsibilities Line Management for nursing staff of BreastScreen Queensland Mackay Service Regular analysis and reporting of financial and quality performance activity. Your key responsibilities †¢ Fulfil the responsibilities of this role in accordance with Queensland Health’s core values, as outlined above. †¢ Provide high-level clinical leadership and expertise to the nursing workforce in the delivery of evidence based, contemporary nursing practice, in accordance with the BreastScreen Queensland Program Policy and Standards and the BreastScreen Australia National Accreditation Standards. †¢ Facilitate the coordination and management of client care during the screening and assessment pathway to ensure service delivery is ethical, efficient, effective, client focused and culturally appropriate. Maintain clinical data, undertake analysis of trends in client outcomes, and aid in the establishment of service benchmarks specific to the BreastScreen Queensland Program. Facilitate operational strategies for a work based culture that promotes and supports education, learning, research and workforce development by providing training and development opportunities for staff and participating in performance appraisal and development. †¢ Active involvement in the implementation of National Accreditation Standards at Service Level to ensure Service meets performance indicators. †¢ Participates in the development of a vision/strategy for the BreastScreen Service which is in line with the BreastScreen Queensland Program, District and Queensland Health direction and supports a supportive learning culture. Facilitates in collaboration with staff the implementation, monitoring and review of workplace instructions, guidelines and competencies as applicable. †¢ Maintains current knowledge of professional practice standards and changes, and contributes actively to nursing development.

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