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Stay Hungry Stay Foolish Book Report - 3950 Words

INTRODUCTION AND SUMMARY OF THE BOOK Stay Hungry Stay Foolish comes from the desk of Rashmi Bansal, an IIM-A alumnae, who has authored several other best-sellers like â€Å"Connect the Dots†, â€Å"Share a Dream† and â€Å"Take me home†. The title of this book was inspired by Steve Job’s commencement speech at Stanford University, where he quotes the cover of the World Earth Catalog (1974),†Stay hungry. Stay Foolish.†. This book captures the success stories of 25 IIM-A graduates, who took up entrepreneurship as their passion and profession. The book has been divided into three parts: Believers those who always knew entrepreneurship was their calling. Opportunists, those who took up entrepreneurship when they saw an opportunity. The Alternate Vision, those who took up entrepreneurship for creating a social impact. The book is written based on dialogues that the author has had with these entrepreneurs. The subjects in this book have been candid about their choices, mistakes and learning that they have witnessed during their challenging journey. The author has also has also been successful in presenting the motivational factors behind them, as these factors have been instrumental in making them leave, comfortable and rather enviable, careers for their need of ultimate self-actualisation. She has told the readers what made them give up the good for the great. The narration also makes brief allusions to their personal lives and upbringing to show, at least in certain cases, how it had aShow MoreRelatedCritical Thinking About Steve Jobs1429 Words   |  6 Pagesmyself and Successful lesson 4 Reference 5 Introduction In this assignment report gives us some different positions of one person and analyzes that to recognize strength or weakness of myself by using information from Critical Thinking Slides. I also define any changes in my mind when I have an opportunity to comparing my own with the chosen one. All this information was created by individual and collected from the books: * Steve Jobs a biography - Romain Moisescot * Inside Steve’s Brain –Read MoreAnalysis Of The Book Gramps 3833 Words   |  16 Pagesstudents asking me for their final grades. But I had to stay focused because my red Toyota Rav4 is in sight. I pushed the automatic start engine button on my key chain and unlocked the driver’s side door in the same manner. While zooming out of the parking lot I was the recipient of slow down gawks from campus security stationed at the gate. I could see them in my rear view mirror trying to get a glimpse of my vehicles license plate so they can report this incident to their commander. But at this minuteRead More Vlad The Impaler, The True Dracula Essay2679 Words   |  11 Pagesorchestrated by one of his relatives, John Hunyadi, who had devoted his life to fighting the Ottoman Turks, and did not approve of Vlad Draculs pro-Turkish policy. Vlad Dracula was granted his freedom following his fathers death, but Radu decided to stay behind. In addition to learning of his fath ers demise, Vlad was also told his older brother, Mircea had had his eyes gouged out, and been buried alive by the boyars of Tirgoviste. While in captivity, Vlad had grown resentful, and vowed to have hisRead MoreHow To Write Literary Analysis4174 Words   |  17 Pagesget caught up in an exciting story, to learn about an interesting time or place, or just to pass time. Maybe you’re looking for inspiration, guidance, or a reflection of your own life. There are as many different, valid ways of reading a book as there are books in the world. When you read a work of literature in an English class, however, you’re being asked to read in a special way: You’re being asked to perform literary analysis. To analyze something means to break it down into smaller partsRead MoreA Project on Apple Inc.12777 Words   |  52 Pagesand Windows users. All iPods work with the Company’s iTunes digital music management software (â€Å"iTunes software†) available for both Mac and Windows-based computers. The Company also provides an online service to distribute third-party music, audio books, music videos, short films, television shows, movies, podcasts, and applications through its iTunes Store. In July 2008, the Company launched the iTunes App Store that allows a user to browse, search for, or purchase third-party applications throughRead MoreItunes Analysis10125 Words   |  41 Pages------------------------------------------------- Case report ------------------------------------------------- ITunes By: Pentinga, Steg de Vries Case 1 Emergent strategy: who will stop Apple’s dominance of the music delivery business? Introduction In this report we â€Å"chessmind business† will tell you a bit more about iTunes a part of Apple inc. in this rapport we will formulate a strategy iTunes can follow for the next three to five years. In this report you will read parts about, the developmentRead MoreThe Effects Of Relaxation On A Healthy Diet9106 Words   |  37 Pagesthe world. In fact, facing the possibility you may have to give up your house and accepting that has a major benefit- an actual foreclosure is worse than a short sale on your credit report. So many people have had short sales and foreclosures that apartment complexes are starting to look differently at credit reports. Forcing yourself to look at things from a logical standpoint rather than an emotional standpoint is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. Be prepared. Do your researchRead MoreDieting Makes People Fat Essay19490 Words   |  78 Pagesdon’t even know that they are any different from the rest of us, it’s just who they are. However I believe that we can all enhance our ability to be creative over time. Kullasatree 010 3EN  Ã‚  Ã‚   WHAT DO YOU USUALLY DO DURING THE WEEKENDS? I usually stay at my dormitory to do homework and relax myself such as cooking, listening to music and watching movie. There make me feel happy and relax after I study hard or do a lot of activity. Sometime, I always call my mother to talk about whats happen inRead MoreFor Against by L.G. Alexander31987 Words   |  128 Pages By the same author SIXTY STEPS TO PRECIS POETRY AND PROSE APPRECIATION ESSAY AND LEITER ·WRITING A FIRST BOOK IN COMPREHENSION PRECIS AND COMPOSITION ras CARTERS OF GREENWOOD (Cineloops) DETECTIVES FROM SCOTLAND YARD (Longman Structural Readers, Stage 1) CAR THIEVES [Longman Structural Readers, Stage 1) WORTH A FORTUNE [Longman Structural Readers, Stage 2) APRIL FOOLS DAY [Longman Structural Readers, Stage 2) PROFESSOR BOFFIN S UMBRELLA (Longman Structural Readers, Stage 2) OPERATION MASfERMINDRead MoreTransferable Skills Development13058 Words   |  53 PagesConflict Management is very important because it is always wise to prevent a fight at the first place rather than facing its negative consequences. Stress disappears, people feel motivated, happy and the world definitely becomes a much better place to stay as a result of conflict management Team conflict  occurs inevitably, but preparing to deal with it in a rational, positive manner can  save  you from further disruption. Conflict occurs when people have different opinions, lack respect for each other

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