Wednesday, August 28, 2019

CSR strategy and win-win strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

CSR strategy and win-win strategy - Essay Example nization that invests in the chemical industry, corporate social responsibility is one of the most important factors that influence customer relationship and hence the profitability of the organization. A critical analysis of the organizational strategy will reveal the CSR strategies that Bayer Pharmaceutical Company has deployed and the way it has impacted on its business development strategies. First, the organization has invested in long term customer relationships by ensuring that customers benefit from quality products that the organization produces. Over time, the organization has invested in production of quality plastic materials as one of the CSR strategies to win customer loyalty. For an organization to win the long term loyalty of its customers, it is crucial for the organization to invest in quality products that serve the needs of the customers more satisfactorily (Crane, Palazzo, Spence & Matten, 2014). For a strong win-win approach, the organization needs to establish a symbiotic relationship in which both the customers and the organization have a mutual benefit. Customers are likely to remain loyal to organizations that satisfy their needs and protect quality. As such, the reason why Bayer Pharmaceutical Company has remained profitable is because they have provided quality products to win the loyalty of their customers. Bayer Pharmaceutical Company has used environmental friendly methods to attract customers to their business organization. A strong Corporate social responsibility strategies ensures that the organizational operation zero negative effects of the other stakeholders including the customers, the government and the environment. Since Bayer Pharmaceutical Company is a chemical based company, it releases a number of harmful chemicals that may have negative effects on the environment. However, the company has put enough efforts to ensure that the organization reduces its disposal of harmful chemicals in the environment. For instance, the

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