Friday, August 23, 2019

Personal statment Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 6

Statment - Personal Statement Example st me with pointers and the knowledge of how to go about using e-business and ensuring not only its success but to ensure the business gains competitive advantage by using of minimal resources and acquiring a sustainable, permanent client base in the business. My first degree has provided the economic and financial side of handling a business. This includes issues such as the external and internal factors to watch out for as well as how to invest. What type of investments to make and at what time while ensuring that I get maximum profits using minimal resources and expenditure are other tips acquired. With this background in business, I feel that the only thing I miss is the technology and global aspect of the business. With everything becoming global, I do not want to be left out and INT course will provide me with the necessary skills to fulfil this desire. One of my hobbies is to indulge in financial articles reading of success and failure stories of entrepreneurs and corporations. This has provided me with a passion to succeed and avoid the factors that may lead to failure. One greatest way of doing so is having international management knowledge and skills that will enable me be competitive in any business globally. I am a highly driven person who is self-motivated and this will enable me conduct more research on my goals while studying the International Technology Management. This research will be on global business issues and technology relevant to mu course. The research will also ensure that I am on top of the syllabus at all times and engage regularly in discussion with my professors and fellow students. One of my future goals includes owning an online business that will be dedicated to purely providing international economic, financial and technological advice to entrepreneurs and small companies. This is so because these are the majority in the market and hence the business will not lack customers. They are also the majority who are hit by economic

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