Saturday, August 24, 2019

Interview old generation people (could be anyone) and discuss of Assignment

Interview old generation people (could be anyone) and discuss of cultural normality about how age based norms change over generation - Assignment Example This is the essence of cultural normality. This paper will present a discussion of how age-based norms change over generations. The paper will be based on the results of an interview conducted with an elderly person. The body of the paper will consist of two paragraphs, one talking about the life history of the interviewee and the other analysing the responses obtained from the interview. The subject of the interview is a 70-year-old retiree who, for 38 years, worked as a communications officer at General Electric. Although she currently resides in Chicago, she was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Her father was an Anglican minister while her mother was a high school teacher. Her parents were disciplinarians who attached a lot of value to education, good upbringing, morals, and religion. Her parents were socially conscious individuals who were active in community engagement, sensitisation, and political movements. This instilled in her a well-rounded view of life and the world and prepared her for the rigors of the corporate world, especially in an age where very few women worked in the corporate world. She understands the challenges involved in raising children through generational changes and has witnessed the world evolve to become fast-paced and highly dynamic. She attended public schools and then joined New York University to study marketing and public rel ations. After graduating in 1967, she was recruited by General Electric to work in their expanding marketing division. The interviewee got married to her childhood sweetheart in 1969, and they have four children. She is a practicing Anglican, who has maintained her parents’ respect for and inclination to religion. She is also socially active in her community, where she is respected for her career, activities, and age. She runs her charitable organisation that provides support for the

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