Thursday, October 17, 2019

Cultural Considerations in the Design and Localisation of Essay

Cultural Considerations in the Design and Localisation of International Websites - Essay Example ses who want to make sure they can gain profits more efficiently in the fierce market competition should definitely design their websites in different languages and localise them to adapt to the local culture. Sun (2004), who is a senior localisation specialist from a software localisation company in Shenzhen, defines localisation as a process to custom-make software, websites, or documents according to the demands of the target country, or market, in order to eliminate the cultural barriers. For example, in the context of a company the term localization refers to the transformation of the company’s image to an international standard. Thus, it reaches more countries beyond that which it is mainly based in both expansion of services to target region and meeting their specific, cultural resemblance. In fact, other definitions of localisation also stress that website localisation is meant to revise the website to give the website a linguistic appeal in aagreement with the target culture so that the information on the website can be accessed and used by the target users more easily. It is an all-round process so the designer of the website must consider all business and cultural aspects. The designer should not only be a programming expert since great web design is not enough in business localisation. Thus, the web designer should also be familiar with the target culture knowledge, and of course, master the target language. It can be seen that, through restructuring of the web content and emphasis of a cultural appeal; the basic object of localisation is to eliminate cultural barriers. Therefore the cultural considerations are definitely necessary and even the most important concern in the design and localisation of international websites.The essay is going to start with describing the necessary of localisation of international websites. Next there are some analyses of important cultural considerations, such as language, colour, images and symbols, layout and data

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