Thursday, October 17, 2019

Personnel Guidance in Research and Development Essay

Personnel Guidance in Research and Development - Essay Example A research involving a creation of a new technology may be termed as a high level research. A highly critical issue usually involves a team and each team member contributes in his way towards the research. Research involves discovery of a truth and therefore it should taken seriously and with immediate attention. It does not involve only the searching; rather it is one's effort to find the truth using a series of trials involving various aspect of the issue. A research must be taken with a positive frame of mind and should never be a matter of fun. Before one is ready for research, he must have an objective and should be fully focused on it (Gredler and Shields, 2008). A research involves deep and thorough knowledge of the subject and therefore, the researcher must be aware of the various factors that can affect the scope of the research. A researcher must always start by finding a person who has a deeper knowledge of the subject and with whom he can discuss the various outcomes and the possibilities and the scope of the research. Generally, this person should be much higher in experience and knowledge than the researcher. This person can then be termed as a Research Guide. Performing a research under a guide boosts up the confidence of the researcher and provides a better way to proceed in the work. 2) A Research Plan The researcher must have a plan in order to proceed with the research. One must completely have theoretical as well as a practical approach for the subject. The availability of a research lab helps in attaining better results. It also provides the practical approach where in a real time issues can be simulated. These simulations provide a clear picture of the subject. This helps in better judgement of the subject and therefore a practical approach to deal with it. 3) Finance Another big constraint involving a research can be finances. Sometimes, research may involve high finances. Like a research in the field of automobile engine and emissions may involve a multiple changes in design of the component. Thus manufacturing a new component such as an engine part, with course of the research, involves a lot of resources which will prove costly. Therefore, a researcher must look for funding options if available. To get funding for a research, one must put together all the authentic and genuine facts for the research that must convince the funding authority. Available funds can prove very crucial as these when utilised in an efficient manner can several times get the researcher the best he wants. The researcher then has full freedom to take care of the aspects which he might overlook due to lack of resources. 4) Available facts and figures Another area that needs to be taken care of is the updates that are connected to the field of your research. One

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