Monday, October 21, 2019

Frankenstein and Models essays

Frankenstein and Models essays He was a monster, no one enjoyed him. They knew not what to do about the terrible creature, so they chased him from the world. He was so distraught by this and the fact that his creator abandoned him because of his appearance; he disappeared into the darkness of the North Pole. He was unable to connect with society because of his appearance. What does this say about humanity! Humanity is so based on how someone looks, that the people are unable to fit in with society and should basically walk into the freezing cold areas and waste away. This certainly doesn't say much about how well "ugly people" can live in our society. The ripping action of the modern peoples shows how biased they are. If you look into a magazine, you can see how terrible times have gotten. No one can live with the sickly thin models that show up in those awful areas. They have no meat on them, and would be better off just lying down and eating a couple boxes of chocolate. The digitally altered women in the magazin es do nothing to help with mentally distraught teenagers in todays society. The people make me sick. They cant even stick with the reality of the situation. If the population is going to live on fast food and boxed meals, how do they expect people to look the way the people do in magazines! The inability to ascertain the reality of the situation is thoroughly disturbing. It is almost annoying to hear the people complain that they are fat or ugly. When will society realize that they are all ugly in some way, that the models in those magazines are just pretty pictures with airbrushed bodies and faces. ...

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