Monday, September 23, 2019

Content Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Content Analysis - Essay Example The employees who had worked for more than five years were pretty satisfied with the hospital as a workplace. However, the young and ambitious crowd, which had been there for a short period was not very happy with the workplace, and hardly found it exciting. Unanimously, the answer was the cleanliness in the hospital and the professional attitude of everyone around. Some respondents from housekeeping said they liked the work because unlike hotels, where guests could check in and check out at any time of the day, there were not many patients checking out at odd hours in this workplace. Instead, most of them checked out in the late mornings. A few were happy about the pay, while a few part-timers were not so happy with it. The majority felt that there was inflexibility in the job roles and they should be given a chance to rotate and have a stint in other departments too. The distance between the carpark and the building was another grouse. Most of them felt that the parking should have been closer to the place of work. Some felt that the doctors were high handed in their behaviour towards them. Most of them felt that they would have been able to perform better if they had been able to interact with the higher management and not just their immediate seniors. A few new comers (most probably the younger lot) seemed not to be able to fit in their roles and were complaining about their colleagues and superiors. Most of them spoke about the sad atmosphere and the dull environment in the canteen. Q4. If you were the boss, what would you change to make it better Each had a different answer to this question. While one wanted to have better tools and equipment for working, another one wanted to raise the pay for evening shift workers. A few wanted to sack their bosses, while one wanted a four-day week. Another suggestion was of a rotation of jobs. Someone suggested brighter colours for the canteen furniture and also provision for playing music. Another respondent wanted to change the colour of the uniforms. Some wanted to give the employees a choice for the shifts, if they were the boss. One of the respondents wanted to keep training programmes for fresh recruits. Q5. Do you have anything else to say None of them had anything much to say. Only one respondent said that he wished he had a complete day off and not be called on weekends too sometimes. Findings and Conclusions Going through the transcript, one can make out that while each of the employees, past and present, appreciated the cleanliness and professionalism in the hospital, not many of them were actually motivated to continue working there. The attitude of their superiors, the sad atmosphere around the place, the cold furniture in the canteen and the distance from the parking lot put them off. It seems many of them wanted to have more flexibility in their roles and

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