Friday, September 13, 2019

Information System Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Information System - Research Paper Example However, the use information systems have been made more interesting with the emergence of social media platforms. These platforms include the facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and instagram (Hu, et al., 2014). Social media as a whole has played a significant role in revolutionalising marketing strategies; however, instagram has the edge because of features and the ease that one can apply the platform in building the business (Das and Sahoo, 2014). Unlike other social media platforms, the Instagram adopts a unique way of telling stories. The platform uses pictures to convey the message (McCune, 2011). The use of pictures can be tailored to have captions that resonate with the message in the picture. The Instagram has a business blog that offers guidelines on how to use the platform for building business (Das and Sahoo, 2014). This business platform is called Instagram for business and appears as shown in the diagram below (figure 1). The instagram for business is an application that provides easy ways of enabling people exploit the platform to build their business. The strategies have to follow the simple steps that the application provides. It is such a simple way of enhancing business because the user does not have to have many years of experience in using the application to make the most from the application. Building a business brand will require massive following or better the interaction with a massive number of target customers. The best way to popularise a brand is by getting a gauge viewership. This can be a huge task especially when a created post does not have a large following (Aric, 2009). Therefore, the best way of beginning is to cultivate a following. There are several tips that can help an individual attain these objectives. The best way is to connect friends from other social media platforms like facebook and twitter (Das and Sahoo, 2014). This is the easiest way

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