Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Social Media Recovery for Costa Crociere Term Paper

Social Media Recovery for Costa Crociere - Term Paper Example Costa Crociere SpA generally operates their business trading functions as Costa Cruises. The initial foundation of the company was in the year 1854. It has its headquarters located in Genoa, Italy. The company performs its business operations throughout the world that include Northern Europe, Caribbean, South America and Dubai among other regions (Costa Crociere SpA, 2012). As a matter of fact, in the year 2010, Costa Crociere SpA proved itself as one of the companies that successfully reached up to the benchmark of Italian services and tourism especially for its reputation and reliability in the international research that is popularly known as â€Å"Global Reputation Pulse†. Furthermore, in the year 2011, Costa Crociere SpA emerged in the ranking of Mediobanca that carried out assessment of 3,700 Italian enterprises which ultimately made the company to reach a turnover of approximately 50 million Euros during that year. In this connection, the company or the group was ranked amid the top 10 companies in terms of profitability and productivity and also in terms of turnover (Costa Crociere SpA, 2012). Costa Cruise has been accredited with an incorporated arrangement of voluntary certification of conformity along with highest international benchmark towards the aspect of safety, quality, environment and social accountability. Costa Crociere is fundamentally denoted as an international company holding its several offices in different regions such as Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Zurich, Brussels and Lisbon among others. The company employs more than 19,000 working people throughout its organisation and is organised into a flexible arrangement of various human resource functions (Costa Crociere SpA, 2012). The prime vision of Costa Crociere is to serve better as well as with enhanced services to their worldwide customers with special regards to behaviour. The aspect of consumer satisfaction is the principal motive and also the mission of Costa Crociere. In terms of business operations, since the year 1997, especially Air France and Costa Cruises are the partners, sharing the similar visi on or objective of delivering superior and enhanced services to their worldwide guests or customers along with maximising customer satisfaction (Costa Crociere SpA, 2012). In this connection, one of the partners of Costa Crociere i.e. Air France is an airline which operates in an international network and also performs its business operations in 182 cities in 98 countries. Air France offers more than 1,700 flights which generally covers numerous destinations throughout the world. The hub of Air France is recognised as one of the most efficient hubs in the entire Europe. Along with Costa Crociere, the main priority of Air France is to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction (Costa Crociere SpA, 2012). In the paper, a detailed analysis regarding the accident that Costa Crociere had faced along with certain weaknesses as well as threats that they faced due to the accident will be depicted. Various aspects that include preparation of a social marketing plan on behalf of Costa Crociere in terms of strategy, tactics, action, implementation and control will also be portrayed in the discussion. A Brief Situation Analysis of Costa Crociere

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