Thursday, September 26, 2019

New Small Business Competes With Google, Bing and Yahoo Essay

New Small Business Competes With Google, Bing and Yahoo - Essay Example Gabriel Weinberg has established a mechanized that maximizes on the needs of its users, unlike the other search engines. A vast majority of search engines comprise of numerous ads that surround relevant pages, and personalized tracking. Gabriel Weinberg way was different from other search engines. He sought out to address the concerns of consumers that had queries while using these search engines. Gabriel Weinberg’s search engine proves to be a long time competitor to Google and other search engine. There is factual information to back this reasoning. Currently European and U.S officials have already begun criticizing practices that are considered to be monopolistic in nature. Google and other bigger search have been considered to be selective with regards to their star results. These are considered to favor some businesses and elbow out competitors. Additionally Gabriel Weinberg venture maintains that it will not track its users. A combination of these factors sheds light to the future. It is evident that this search engine will last and still be a long term foe to bigger search engines. As of late, the future holds good tidings for Gabriel Weinberg search engine over established ones. One major fact stands; it is a major threat to bigger search engines. Should Google not review their systems, facts prove that they may not be in

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