Thursday, September 19, 2019

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Just Another Chalk-line Characters: James Enfield – Detective (age 38) Lee Ames – Detective (age 48) Chris Rollins – Detective (age 26) Nolan Eckhart – Detective (age 40) – Deceased Setting: The scene takes place in an alleyway beside a popular bar named Edward’s. There are a few police officers scattered about closing off the area. (Extras during the stage production.) They would leave the stage until the end of the act when the detectives call the coroner to take away the body. James, Lee and Chris are on the site of a murder. The murder in question is of one of their co-workers and friend Nolan Eckhart. They are standing around the body of Nolan; James is kneeling down actually checking on the body. The alley is empty with the exception of the body and a small pile of garbage from the bar. Act One: Scene One ( James is a man nearing forty. His build is average; he has light skin and dark hair. He is sensible and caring enough for his partners. He’s dismayed that Nolan has been killed. They were close friends in the office. Lee has been around for a while nearing his fifties he has been working on the force for twenty years. He is experienced but tired. Nolan’s death is not easy on him either, though he won’t show it. He’s a larger man than James, with a bit of a round gut and his head is affixed with greying and balding hair. Chris is the youngest of the trio; he is the newest member in their office having been transferred from another precinct. He shows promise to be a great detective, in his first few cases in their precinct he has already impressed the chief and was rewarded a raise to his salary. He is more muscular than the other two and his brown hair is cut professionally short.) James: Damn†¦I still can’t ge... ... Lee, he may not be as useful as he used to be out here in the field, but in the office he still has his purpose. I’m so glad the chief and I share a similar thought process in all this. It’s quite thrilling to be able to practice my forensics skills; just in this case it’s in reverse. (Notices James returning and stops speaking, leaning against the wall as if his speech moments before never occurred.) James: (Returns from off-stage) Coroner’s on his way. The officers will watch over the scene. We’re officially done for the night. Now, let’s get warmed up shall we? Chris: Alright then. I feel it’s going to be quite cold later on, better enjoy it while it lasts. (Both men leave the stage, going inside the bar for drinks. James turns to look at Nolan once last time) James: (sighing ) I still can’t believe Nolan is dead. Chris: Let’s go make you forget about it, huh.

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